The Pioneer of
Media Training
in Sri Lanka


Conduct Diploma and Certificate courses in all branches of the media, in all three national languages in Journalism, Electronic Media (Radio and TV) Productions, Film Making, Advertising, Animation, graphic design and web design.

Disseminate knowledge and promote a familiarity with Media culture through the conduct of seminars, forums, film screenings, and special lectures.


1979 heralded the dawn of a new era where radical transformations took place in how the public of our nation were entertained, educated, and informed. With the expansion of the television industry in the mid 90’s, many private television stations spawned. These changes demanded the need for well trained television professionals who could meet the demands of a rapidly developing industry. In this context the Sri Lanka Television Training Institut (SLTTI) was inaugurated in 1984 to provide valuable service in training Television professionals who would be well versed in its theoretical, technological and social dimensions. The institute was run in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) of Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), and Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI).

As the television industry evolved so did SLTTI. The institution which was run by SLFI became an autonomous entity under the Ministry of Mass Media and Information on 14th of November 2011. The solid foundation upon which the institute was built gave the necessary latitude to be agile and to respond positively to changing training needs.

Today we are the Sri Lanka Media Training Institute (SLMTI), a company established under the Ministry of Mass Media. As SLMTI we have an expanded mandate and work in all areas of the media, including print, radio, television, film, web and social media. We offer a set of Diplomas and Certificate courses in the catering all aspects of the media industry, targeting aspiring media professionals in the areas of television, radio, journalism, film, web and graphic design, news reading, presentation and others. The courses are taught by acclaimed media professionals, practitioners, academics and international experts.

The Institute has a state of the art multi camera audio visual studio with cutting edge technology, digital editing training facilities of professional standards and computer laboratories. The studios and other facilities fulfill internal training requirements as well as production needs of external bodies. The institute provides the necessary expert training and work culture necessary to produce a skilled professional with hands on industry experience and therefore students will be fully fledged professionals with an outstanding theoretical background on graduation.Our graduates will have the confidence and expertise to function in an ever-changing media landscape on both domestic and international fronts.

“ We envision a media community
Who communicate dutifully
Analyze critically and objectively,
Understand diversity and inclusivity,
And embrace technology ethically and professionally.”

“ We empower students for tomorrow
To engage communities locally and globally
To facilitate critical reflection on society,
Through media Literacy & social sensitivity.”